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WILSON 2023 A2000 1810SS Black/Blonde – LHT – 12.75″



Wilson SuperSkin(TM) developed by Master Glove Craftsman Shigeaki Aso, is the ultimate utility player in Pro Stock® gloves. The microfiber material is moisture resistant, extremely durable and half the weight of leather, offering players extreme command over their gloves.

SUPERSKINTM: A2000® PATENTED SURFACE TEXTURE: Twice as strong as traditional Pro Stock® leather and only half the weight.

REPELS MOISTURE: Resistant to moisture, SuperSkin(TM) extends the lifespan of the glove and prevents it from getting bogged down by the weight of rain or wet grass.

STRATEGIC DESIGN: Glove craftsmen strategically place Pro Stock® leather and SuperSkin(TM) to benefit players. Superskin material on the back of the glove reduces overall glove weight and is easy to maintain.


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