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KE’BRYAN HAYES: Ke’Bryan Hayes and his 2022 A2000® KBH13 GM glove are ready to handle the hot corner in Pittsburgh. The Black SuperSnakeSkinTM back cuts glove weight while improving durability and moisture resistance. Built with Wilson’s iconic H-Web, this 11.75″ game model has the extra length third basemen prefer, and Flat Finger Binding allows you to comfortably keep a finger out for more control when making plays.

Wilson® Game Model gloves aren’t just worn by professionals. They’re designed by them. Wilson Ball Glove Master Craftsman Shigeaki Aso sits down with select Advisory Staff members — either in person or on a video call — to craft a Game Model glove designed specifically for their play.

Aso’s relentless passion drives his pursuit of the perfect glove. He collaborates with players to receive detailed feedback and ensure each glove is built to work for the player’s game. Every glove has unique features, from the laces to the webbing and even the materials used, culminating in an innovative line of Wilson Game Model gloves.

• H-Web

• Black Pro Stock® Leather with Blonde Accents

• Black SuperSnakeSkin


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