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WILSON 2023 A2000 1975SS SPIN CONTROL Black/Red – RHT – 11.75″


A2000 SPIN CONTROL® TECHNOLOGY: Wilson gloves with Spin Control® Technology feature a patented surface texture in the same Pro Stock® leather that players know and love. This textured pattern can be found in the palm, web and other leather surfaces of the ball glove, helping to reduce the spin rate of the ball by generating friction on contact.

PATENTED SURFACE TEXTURE: A patented surface texture is imprinted on Wilson’s iconic Pro Stock® leather.

INCREASED FRICTION: The dimpled surface texture is designed to increase friction between the ball and glove on contact, helping players to handle any hop and quickly transfer the ball to their throwing hand.

PRO CALIBER LEATHER: Available on several A2000® models, Spin Control® Technology adds a patented surface texture to ball gloves crafted with premium materials.


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